Our past in large consulting firms guarantees the experience and quality. Our recent present ensures enthusiasm and allows us to serve all customers.

We hear

We propose to our client appropriate analysis and scope, additional and / or alternative to those initially kept in mind by the client.


Maximum involvement. We are an Experienced Team with the thrill of a New Project: Our Project.

What we offer

  • Technical and didactic expert reportsthat simplify the understanding of the most complex economic issues in front of the competent authorities in each case such as judges, arbitrators and institutions.
  • Application of investigation procedures for fraud and economic crimes,which have not been rejected in any provision of services, given the technical solvency of them.
  • Technological Laboratory,where computer engineers specialized in digital evidence, complement the financial research team, a combination that guarantees a successful result.
  • Multidisciplinary teamsWithin our network we count on professional experts in different fields such as financial experts and accountants, econometricians, computer engineers, road engineers, naval engineers, architects, geologists that ensure a solid damage quantification.
  • RatificationTo completly cover our customers’ needs and as a culmination of our technical work, we have great experience in the ratification in court of the expert reports previously provided to the proceeding.