The technological environment is where our technicians feel more confortable and add most value.

Forensic Systems Recovery and Analysis

  • Recovering and analyzing digital evidence or electronic evidence from corporate information systems and hardware devices (servers, laptops, desktops, backups, mobiles, etc.)
  • Guarantee the chain of custody, integrity, validity and contribution of the evidence in a court proceeding.


  • Preparation of the information by cataloging, indexing and de-duplication as a preliminary phase for the subsequent analysis
  • Use of software that ensures a dynamic analysis and safeguards the strict compliance of data processing (LOPD).

Computer Expert Reports

  • Malicious software analysis: Source code, Malware, etc.
  • Detection of information leaks, computer crimes, information theft, system intrusion, illegal copies of code, etc.
  • Review of records of information systems.
  • Analysis of network traffic.