Our reports provide economic support in all areas of law that require the evaluation of an independent expert.

  • Quantification of economic damages: emergent damage and loss of profits
  • Critical analysis of contrary opinions (counter-reports)
  • Opinion of independent expert on complex accounting and economic matters
  • Assessment of non-compliance or different interpretation in contractual clauses
  • Determining Price Adjustment in a Transaction
  • Expert reports on joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
  • Controversy between shareholders, partners and board of directors
  • Investigation of economic and computer crimes
  • Forensic analysis of digital evidence and quantification of possible economic damage
  • Evaluation of non-compliance or different interpretation in the application of clauses in administrative concessions
  • Quantification of damages derived from regulatory changes
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Analysis and reconstruction of fraudulently manipulated financial statements
  • Analysis of digital evidence on unfair competition from senior management or employees
  • Forensic reports for alleged irregularities that, in their case, end in the termination of labor contracts
  • Technical Reports justifying the causes applied and admitted in 2012 labor reform

What does IPF provide?

Ratification in front of competent authorities

Expert reports

  • Environments of conflict or litigation.
  • They facilitate the understanding of complex economic issues.
  • Scenarios of the economic-financial and commercial consequences of the dispute.


  • Elaboration of counter-reports as a result of the critical and exhaustive analysis accompanied by a rigorous and reasoned argument.


  • Intervention in national and international arbitrations providing our economic and accounting experience, with the involvement of experts as informatic, naval and road engineers, architects and geologists if the matter requires it.


  • Quantification of emergent damage and loss of profit.
  • Solid, objective and independent reports.

Expert determination

  • Election as an expert to determine the adjustment to the price of a transaction.