We define corporate intelligence to a methodology consisting in the collection and analysis of information tending to identify potential risks or vulnerabilities that a client company might have in its processes.

This risk identification covers two different kinds of services:

Analysis and graphic presentation of the corporate and patrimonial structure related to a natural or legal person and of the different financial or patrimonial links that could arise through the obtaining of information regarding third parties that are object of analysis and investigation (suppliers, clients, third parties external to the company, etc.).

For its development, we are based on the following typology of sources:

  • Searches in “Deep Web” of the Internet
  • Public and restricted databases (national / international)
  • Social networks, forums, blogs, etc.
  • Sources “humint” (human sources, confidential)

Once all the available information has been collected and inventoried, specialized software is used to manage the different links that may have arisen, facilitating the graphic presentation.

Analysis of vulnerabilities and gaps in security and threat prevention that a client company could have in the development of its functions or operations, domestically or internationally.

Identification of the main threats that a company faces in its national and / or international processes, cataloging according to risk levels for implementing, at a later stage, the corresponding mitigation measures and structuring of the company’s organization chart in terms of crisis management.

a) Comprehensive security audits (physical, logical and procedural)

b) International projects

  • Development of corporate crisis management systems.
  • Risk analysis / Security risk matrices.
  • Evacuation / Contingency Plans.
  • Crisis simulations (emergencies).
  • Country Risk Reports.
  • Training for expatriates.
  • On-site permanent advice in third countries.
  • Travel risk management protocols for displaced and itinerant staff.
  • Continuous information security monitoring in outdoor locations.
  • Safety alert system 7/24.
  • Implementation of external risks software. Face-to-face monitoring of exposure, risk information and repository library of useful information on risks for external locations.