Audiovisual Sector

  • Description: Expert report made to a company that is dedicated to the management of the audiovisual and commercial rights of sporting events in order to carry out an analysis of the reasonableness and economic motivation of the merger by absorption carried out within the group of companies to which the company belongs by an international venture capital group.
  • Work carried out: Quantification and analysis of originated goodwill in the company due to the merger. Analysis of the liquidity of the group and the absorbed companies, before and after the merger, as well as the analysis of the possible non-compliance of covenants or other clauses included in the financing agreement entered into by the company prior to the merger and which, in addition could justify the merger from an economic point of view.
  • Result: Judgment positive to our client.

Financial Sector

  • Description: Assistance to a financial institution as an independent expert in the context of different claims filed against our client as a result of alleged breaches perpetrated both in the pre-contractual phase and in the contractual phase. In that context, the plaintiffs seek the annulment of contracts and the repayment of the sums paid to each other.
  • Work carried out: Individualized analysis of the grounds of nullity set out in the lawsuits, proceeding then to determine the reasonableness from a mainly economic point of view of the facts that support the different actions carried out by the entity in each one of the cases.
  • Result: High ratio of positive judgments.

Construction Sector

  • Description: Expert report made against a company dedicated to the provision of construction materials through different suppliers or carriers.
  • Work carried out: As a result of the termination of the contracts with several carriers by the company, they, in relation to the litigation in progress, have requested our collaboration, as experts, with the objective of analyzing and quantifying the price differential The Company is paying its Carriers for the transport of concrete, with respect to (i) what is paid in other markets in the rest of the geographical areas of the country and (ii) with respect to what is paid to the carriers that provide their services in the Basque Country as of July 1 20xx.
  • Result: Judgment positive to our client.